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Interview: False Solutions of Green Tech

Taylor Weech of Praxis recently interviewed Carson Wright and Travis London of Deep Green Resistance Lower Columbia about their tour “Business as Usual: the False Solutions of Green Tech.”

Carson and Travis discuss what brought them to environmentalism and to Deep Green Resistance, the problems of green technology, the mainstream environmental hope for a solution to our environmental crisis that maintains our comforts, and the difficulty of going against this current within environmentalism. They point out that we can’t address climate change with the same structures of civilization that created the disruption in the first place, and critique the recent People’s Climate March.

Weech asks excellent questions to draw out her interviewees in exploring what it will really take to achieve sustainability, the impacts different technologies have on the society using them, liberal vs radical approaches to effecting change and how they can work together, the difference between civilization and non-civilized cultures, the DGR strategy of Decisive Ecological Warfare, and much more.

This interview is a valuable introduction to Deep Green Resistance for people who care about the environment but are new to radical ideas, and should be of great interest to those already working in the radical realm.

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“How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?

“How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Ten. One to write the lightbulb a letter requesting that it change. Four to circulate online petitions. One to file a lawsuit demanding it change. One to send the lightbulb lovingkindness™, knowing that this is the only way real change occurs. One to accept the lightbulb precisely the way it is, clear in the knowledge that to not accept another is to do great harm to oneself. One to write a book about how and why the lightbulb needs to change. And finally one to smash the fucking lightbulb, because we all know it’s never going to change.” – Derrick Jensen